Guide to Sourcing Antique Lockets

If you enjoy antiquing and would like to go on the hunt for your own locket for your horse's hair, there are some important things to keep in mind: Your locket must contain frames or housings, to allow for holding glass for hairwork and photographs.

For a comprehensive guide to finding your antique locket, please click the link below.  

If possible, I recommend you sending me images of a locket you intend to purchase to ensure it is suitable for hairwork. It may take 24 hours to respond to messaging. 
Lockets that are supplied by owners, must be approved by me before shipping to me for hairwork. I cannot guarantee lockets are suitable for hairwork until I inspect it in person. I reserve the right to decline working on a locket I deem unsuitable. Quotes for repair and additions needed will not be given until I can physically inspect the locket.