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So you'd like to learn hairwork or elevate your braiding game? Here you'll find instant downloads and supplies that will help you create your own keepsakes and maybe even start your own businesses! 

On this page you'll find all the supplies needed to start your keepsake journey. This type of braiding is an art and as such does require a little bit of thought and investment to get started. You can expect to spend anywhere from $300-$500 in supplies and jewelry to get started making your own keepsakes and horsehair items. 

In the instant download section you'll find educational videos and pdf's to start your hairwork and keepsake journey! To begin with there is an introduction to table braiding, but you can expect to find videos on silversmithing and working with dog fur in the future! 

These videos and supplies offered are specifically meant to be used with horsehair, the table can be used with human hair, however you do need a much lighter set of weights. 

Braiding Supplies

Instant Downloads

This gallery features a variety of educational material to create different types of keepsakes. You can access them on your computer, TV, tablet, or phone. Buy it now, watch it immediately. Return to it over and over.