Customer Testimonials

I strive to provide the highest level of quality and customer service to you while creating your special keepsake. Read what some of my customers have to say. 


"Several members at my riding stable have turned to Jennifer to create keepsakes when a beloved horse has passed. I can't recommend Jennifer enough, both in terms of the quality of her work and her communication throughout the order process. I know the bracelet she created for me will last a very long time, and it's a work of art that I can easily incorporate into my day to day style. It is evident working with Jennifer that she takes a personal interest in each piece she creates and knows how much her jewelry means to the people they're made for." - Alyson

I’ve been looking for a unique tribute for my two wonderful horses for a while. I just love the quality and workmanship that I have in my necklace. Its beautiful and will last my lifetime. Thank you!!- Stephanie

After meeting my heart horse in college in 2012, he became mine in 2014 after a serious injury that left him retired from the collegiate program. Through rehab and endless days at the barn with him he became my loving gimpy old man who enjoyed spending his time in big grassy fields and long trail rides. I lost him in the fall of 2020 and it’s taken me this long to part with his hair. I couldn’t be happier for the quality keepsakes Jennifer has made me, I’m so grateful I get to have him with me everyday. - Kate 

Beautiful bracelet that I feel far more comfortable wearing more often than other horse hair jewelry because the hair is protected.  Highly recommend. - Rachel 

I lost my heart horse after over 20 years together. Initially I had a braided bracelet made of his tail by another vendor and it continually poked at me. That’s when a friend of mine told me about Jennifer and offered to connect us. She was awesome! She worked to not only make me something unique but continually checked in with me to ensure the piece was exactly what I was looking for. I received my bracelet in less than two weeks and I was blown away! The quality and simple beauty was undeniable. I will treasure my bracelet forever and most likely will never take it off. Thank you for creating such a beautiful way to memorialize my sweet boy.   - Jennifer 


The kindest soul I’ve ever known was an old horse named Jack. The first to greet me when I moved to Texas a few years back, he introduced himself with a sloppy kiss and a long sigh that seemed to say “I’ve been waiting for you.” We bonded over morning rituals of coffee and grazing, but our evening walks quickly became my favorite part of the day. His pace beside me always slow and steady, he listened intently to all my secrets, even bobbing his head a little extra when he heard the juicy ones. 

It was only a few sweet years before Jack’s pace got much slower on those walks. I knew he didn’t have much longer so thankfully I thought enough to save some of his hair. I watched him take his last walk soon after. Grief doesn’t really get easier, you just learn to carry it better. My incredibly talented friend Jen created this masterpiece of Jack’s hair to help me carry him in the best way possible, until the day comes when I’ll get to greet him again with a sloppy kiss and a long sigh that says “I’ve been waiting for you.” I can’t thank you enough Jen- it’s everything.   - Jess