Hair Guide

Please review this hair guide before sending in your order. I use a surprisingly little amount of hair in each piece and you do not need to send your whole tail. In order to avoid you sending too little in, I have provided a guide utilizing the width of bundles once you have placed a rubber band on your hair. If you have less than the requested amount please feel free to reach out to me, I can tell from a picture if you will have enough.

Please pay attention to the type of hair able to be used in each piece and length required, this will avoid frustration when I have to ask you for more or a different type of hair. It is very important that the majority of the bundle you send is the requested length, not just a few end pieces.

If sending in multiple horses, you can send smaller bundles, but please still pay attention to the length. 

**Because of the order volume I currently have, I am only able to wash the hair that I will need for your piece. Please avoid sending very thick tails or multiple bundles from the same horse.  Everything you send will be returned to you. 



Items requiring a bundle of hair the width of a nail. 

Mane or Tail Hair- Minimum 10 inches long. 
Horseshoe Nail. 


Items requiring a bundle of hair the width of a pencil. 
Mane or Tail Hair- Minimum 8 inches long
Oval Pendants - Large and Small 
Western Oval Pendants- Large and Small 
Hook & Eye Bracelets- Large and Small 

Tail Hair- Minimum 10 inches long
Herd Beads 
Braided Cuff
Western Cuff
Tail Hair- Minimum 12 inches long 
Center Braid Necklace 
Twist Braid 
Stock Pin
Tail Only- Minimum 15 inches.
Loop Keychain
Tail Only- Minimum 20 inches long. 
Single Braid Bracelet
Items requiring a bundle of hair the width of a sharpie. 

Tail Hair Only - Minimum 20 inches. 
Two Braid Bracelet 
Three Braid Bracelet
Photo Frames

I do accept donations of tail hair to be used in research projects. I am particularly interested in rich browns, whites, and mixed colors. If you have any tails you would like to donate, please ship them to me with a note saying you'd like to donate them. Thank you! 

Please ship hair to :

Jennifer Metesh 
223 Falling Spring Rd.
Charlotte TN 37036