Caring For Your Jewelry

Caring For Your Keepsake Jewelry 

Avoid swimming or bathing while wearing your keepsake. They are not waterproof. Harsh chemicals and sweat can increase the rate of tarnish. 

Apply lions and perfumes before putting on your keepsake. 

If a hair becomes loose and frays, cut it. Do Not Pull It! Wearing your keepsakes next to other hard jewelry can increase the risk of fraying or scratching. 

If you need to clean the hair in braided horsehair jewelry, use a damp cloth to gently wipe away the dirt and pat dry. 

Tarnish in sterling silver is inevitable and wearing your jewelry can prevent tarnish. When not being worn, keep your keepsake in the provided bag with the air squeezed out of it. The little black square is an anti-tarnish strip. When tarnish does occur, simply polish with the sunshine polishing cloth provided. 


Caring For Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

I use sterling silver in all of my designs. Sterling silver is a composite of 92.5% fine silver and the remaining mostly copper. .925 sterling silver over time will develop its own patina due to the addition of other metals to the silver. Exposure to the air and to other chemicals in daily life will eventually cause this patina to form. What is forming is a layer of tarnish, which is a small laver of corrosion over the surface of the metal.  Exposure to sweat, humidity, certain soaps, lotions, cosmetics and even the chemicals in our body can cause sterling to tarnish quickly. The rate of tarnish will vary between different people and environments.  While tarnish in sterling silver is inevitable, sterling silver is also very easy to maintain by following the steps below:

Wearing your sterling daily can help prevent that corrosive layer from even forming.

I recommend using a Sunshine brand polishing cloth to remove tarnish and oils. (Sample included with purchase.)

When not wearing your sterling, wipe oils off of it and store it in a Ziploc bag with the air squeezed out of it with an anti-tarnish strip (the little black square included in the bag). 

Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or repair requests.