Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make pieces with my hair horsehair? 

Of course! That is the majority of my work. I have standard options that you can choose from, or you can choose to have a custom piece made especially for you.

Do you work with human hair?  

Right now my medium is horsehair only. If you're interested in having human hair made into an item, I suggest you look up:

Hair Anthropology: or Mementos Entwined:

Zen and Gina both do beautiful work with human hair. 

Do you send back un-used hair? 

Yes, I would never dream of keeping anything so precious to you. Everything you send will be wash and what isn’t used in your keepsake will be shipped back to you.  I do recommend keeping a small portion of your hair tucked away somewhere incase repairs need to be made to your item. 

Do you do repairs? 

Of course! I take pride in every piece I make and it hurts my soul if there is an issue. If there is a problem with your order and it’s caused by an issue in the making process I will repair it for you at no cost. 

Of course accidents happen to and your piece is damaged due to incorrect handling, a repair fee may be applied. Items with exposed hair can experience wearing and therefore the hair is not guaranteed in these items. I do recommend keeping some of your hair tucked away incase repairs need to be made.  

*Fee application is at the sole discretion of Jennifer Metesh Studios and will be discussed before the repair is sent in.*

Do you ship overseas? 

Yes I do! I offer USPS international shipping which will then get picked up by your local postal service. International priority shipping is around $42 US currency. First class shipping is less. I can ship other carriers by special requests. Purchasers assume the risk of lost items.  Purchaser assumes extra custom and import fees associated with your package. 

My pieces don’t require a lot of hair so I don’t recommend you send the whole tail, just incase something happens to your package. Please see the hair requirements for specific amounts. 

How much hair is needed? 

Each piece requires slightly different hair requirements. They can be found on each individual listing, or you can review the whole list of hair requirements here.

How do I measure my wrist? 

It is very important you take accurate measurements. Once your bracelet is completed, I can make it smaller, but I cannot make it bigger. I have a handy guide on how to measure your wrist here. If it needs to be remade, it will require the cost of a new bracelet.

Will you put hair in a a locket I have? 

Jennifer Metesh Studios is no longer offering lockets or offering hair insertion into lockets. 

Do you accept hair donations? 

Yes I do! I am a horsehair artisan and I do use hair to create original one of a kind pieces. I am also working on reviving the historic craft of horsehair weaving and like to practice and experiment with different colors and types of hair to bring this historic craft back to life.